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Arborjet QUIK-jet AIR Kit JD-9 spray Gun
Arborjet QUIK-jet Kit John Bean 785 Tree Gun
Arborjet TREE I.V. Nu-Arbor back pack root feeder combination
Hudson Root Feeder Tree Watering Bags ( 20 gallon capacity)

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Application Tools

Arborjet QUIK-jet AIR Kit

The latest weapon in the war against tree insects and diseases. Its innovative design combines the simplicity of the popular QUIK-jet and power of the VIPER Air Hydraulic systems to create an injection tool that maximizes productivity and reduces labor time.


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Mauget ArborFos

Brochure | Manual | Details


Arborjet QUIK-jet Kit

The QUIK-jet is a cost effective injection tool designed for lower dose applications and can also be used as a diagnostic tool to assess tree health and vascular activity. A great injection starter kit!


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Mauget ArborFos

Brochure | Details


Arborjet TREE I.V.

Our most versatile injection system. For coniferous and hardwood trees. High volume, low pressure, can be used with mixable products. A perfect starter kit.


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Mauget ArborFos



Hudson Root Feeder

Hudson root feeder for dep root fertilizing is field proven. Fits JD9 gun (not included), allows precise metered dosages of application material. Tough, light weight aluminum; fully replaceable parts.

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Root Feeder

Photo | Brochure

$350 each

JD-9 spray Gun

 JD-9 spray gun is a heavy-duty stainless steel high pressure spray gun is designed for professionals who spray pesticides, and water-soluble fertilizers. The high pressure spray gun is ruggedly built, precision machined and quickly adjusts from a fine mist to a long-distance pencil stream.

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JD 9 Spray Gun

Photo | Brochure

$159 each

John Bean 785 Tree Gun

Still the best spray gun to get maximum height from your sprayer. The model 785 from John Beam sprayers gives you positive on/off controls plus twist of the wrist pattern adjustment with capacity up to 48gmp at up to 800 psi. Includes nozzle disc assortment.

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John Beam Spray Gun

Photo | Brochure

$395.00 Each

*Only One Left*

Nu-Arbor back pack root feeder combination

NU-ARBOR is excited to announce the arrival of the 1-Two Root Injector. This versatile tool accurately delivers liquid Nu-Arbor fertilizers and can also be utilized to inject soil applied insecticides such as imidicloprid. Includes a large 4-gallon back-pack tank and offers improved strength, length and durability.

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1 two root injector

Photo | Brochure

$500.00 each

Tree Watering Bags ( 20 gallon capacity)

Tree Watering Bag distributes approximately 20 gallons of water around the base of the tree over a 4-6 hour period. Very useful after planting a new tree or during dry periods.

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Tree Watering Bag

Info Sheet

$13.50 each


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