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Nu Arbor Root InjectorNew Product — The Nu-Arbor 1-Two Root Injector

NU-ARBOR is excited to announce the arrival of the 1-Two Root Injector. This versatile tool accurately delivers liquid Nu-Arbor fertilizers and can also be utilized to inject soil applied insecticides such as imidicloprid. Includes a large 4-gallon back-pack tank and offers improved strength, length and durability.

$495.00 per unit

Mauget Tree Injection CapsulesMauget Tree Injection Capsules

Protecting and healing America's Trees for over 50 years

Conserv FS / Tree Care Chicago is proud to partner with Mauget who is the world leader in simple and cost effective tree injection capsules.

Conserv FS carries Mauget's most popluar tree-injection products inlcuding:

For more information please contact certified arborist Kevin Spiller.

Kevin Spiller

Certified Arborist

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