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Resources and Instructions for Using Mauget Injectable Tree Capsules

Mauget Instructional Video


Mauget Reference Manual

Mauget Reference ManualThe Mauget Reference Manual includes new insects, diseases, and controls as well as newly registered Mauget products. This illustrated field reference dedicates two pages each to more than 60 tree INSECTS, DISEASES, and NUTRITIONAL problems.

The left page describes the pest, life cycle, host trees, geographic range, tree symptoms, treatment and timing. The right page displays the pest in all life stages with tree damage symptoms. Learn to use the targeted Mauget micro-injection technique along with other control methods.

Included are Mauget's newest products and their uses including; ABACIDE2, an insecticide and mitecide, TEBUJECT16 and ARBORFOS, two new fungicides, VIGOR53 and STEMIX PLUS two new nutritional tree care products.

Mauget Self Study Coarse

Mauget Self Study CoarseThis package of Mauget Educational Materials enables applicators to keep up to date with the latest Mauget materials. The package will familiarize you with the Mauget Micro-Injection system.

The coarse includes a 4 CD Package that covers:

  • Instructions on how to apply Mauget Tree Injection products
  • Tools & techniques for using Mauget's Micro-Injections.
  • The complete fertilization program using Micro-Injections.
  • How to apply & use Mauget insecticide products.

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