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Mycorrhizal Products

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Mycorrhizal Products

ROOTS Transplant 1-Step Granular 2-2-2

Roots Transplant 1-Step contains everything you need to ensure survival of valuable trees, shrubs and flowers. Water-holding gel decreases the risk of drought-related stress and yield losses. Contains a broad spectrum of mycorrhizae for increased nutrient uptake and enhanced root systems. It also contains ROOTS® organic-based fertilizer to enhance root growth and increase stress tolerance. For use on all types of ornamental plants, trees and shrubs.

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ROOTS Transplant 1-Step Granular 2-2-2

Label | MSDS

$151.00 per bucket (60 4oz. Packs per bucket)

Mychorrhizal Roots Soluble

mycorrhizaROOTS® is the soluble/injectable form of ROOTS® Concentrate combined with mycorrhizae. It contains 18 species of mycorrhizae to provide broad spectrum application for increased nutrient uptake and enhanced root systems. It increases nutrient and water absorption and improves stress tolerance.

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ROOTS mycorrhiza Soluble

Label | MSDS

$1,300 per case 24 1lb packs per case

$60.00 per 1lb pack


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